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IMT Matcher

Electronic witnessing

Market leading IVF
management technologies

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Market leading IVF
management technologies

Ultra rapid vitrification


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Directional freezing

Harmony Cryo

Market leading IVF
management technologies

IMT Matcher

Electronic witnessing and more

Matcher is a barcode-based electronic witnessing, traceability and labelling system, specifically created for IVF clinics and donor banks to help prevent errors through misidentification of patients and their gametes and embryos.

However, Matcher is more than just a double-checking system, as it touches many areas of the clinic with its inclusive system components, including ID card security, labelling, workflow scheduling, electronic witnessing, lottracking, cryo management and full reporting/audit functions.

Clinics using the Matcher system work with confidence knowing they have protected their staff and patients from the risk of mistakes, that the technology is safe and that they have a quality management system in place that helps streamline their working practices, saving time and money.

Key features

  • Error prevention
  • Replaces all human double-checking
  • Automatic traceability
  • Real-time workflow overview
  • Compliance
  • Time saving
  • Unbroken chain of custody
  • Photographic proof
  • Safe technology
  • No capital cost
  • Flexible positioning
  • Simple installation

Created for IVF clinics

Matcher was developed in 2005 in response to high profile mistakes made within the UK IVF industry which resulted in over 100 recommendations being made by the UK Competent Authority (HFEA).

Matcher has been developed with clinics to address many of these issues and more, including compliance with many requirements of the EU Tissues and Cells Directive.

No capital cost

Highly configurable, with no capital cost, Matcher’s quality management system operates seamlessly throughout the clinic, including cryo stores, operating rooms and laboratories, delivering major benefits to laboratory staff, doctors, nurses and patients.

Fees are ‘per cycle’ only with no capital costs and no hidden costs. Fees include equipment, installation, training, service, support, consumables as required and software version upgrades.


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Alison Campbell - Director of Embryology
CARE Fertility Group, UK & Ireland

"Matcher’s photo evidence is a huge advantage.
We can pull up the photos and prove that the correct
work was performed every time"

Why our customers
chose Matcher

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Dr. Nicolás Prados, PhD Director, IVF Laboratory, IVI Sevilla

"Matcher complements our standard approach
to total quality management across the IVI network"

Why our customers
chose Matcher

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Gerry Celia, PhD, HCLD - Lab Director
Dominion Fertility, VA, USA

“Because there is no capital cost and the fees
are per cycle, we have been able to demonstrate
significant cost savings from day one.”

Why our customers
chose Matcher

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Why our customers
chose Matcher

The different pieces of the Matcher system

IMT VitMaster

Ultra Rapid Vitrification

VitMaster is a simple to use, portable device which delivers ultra rapid vitrification of material for improved postthaw results over traditional LN2 plunging techniques.

It is designed for embryos, oocytes and other cell types, and is used in human and animal assisted reproductive technology fields, as well as other biological facilities.


  • Increased post-thaw survival
  • Reduced chilling injury
  • Larger volumes than traditional plunging
  • Reduced toxicity
  • Consistency of freezing and repeatability
  • Enabling use of a sealed straw system

IMT Harmony Cryo

MTG Directional Freezing

Harmony Cryo is a multithermal gradient (MTG) directional freezing system that makes it possible to reduce the cellular damage associated with LN2 vapour freezing methods, improving results and allowing for cryo preservation of sperm which may otherwise be ‘unfreezable’.

Harmony Cryo offers complete control over key parameters in the cryo preservation process, resulting in fast protocol optimisation and potential increases in post-thaw survival and viability, improving efficiency and cost of research projects.


  • Improved conception rates
  • More efficient breeding programmes
  • Less wastage of scarce resources
  • Faster advance of research projects at lower cost
  • Consistency of freezing and repeatability
  • Shorter generational intervals

About IMT International

IMT International provides IVF management technologies and quality management systems to fertility clinics, donor banks and other Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) centres. Our innovative turnkey systems have been developed alongside leading centres in the field, and the benefits they provide are enjoyed by customers around the world.

IMT has developed a number of leading turnkey systems which today are used and relied on by customers every day, including Matcher, VitMaster and Harmony CryoCare. The company was founded by Tim Heywood, a life-long pioneer of technologies, including leading development of the world’s first successful commercial sexed semen centre, in the field of bovine reproduction. Today the business is managed in its second generation by George Heywood, and our core values remain the same; quality, continual development, customer service and long term partnerships.

IMT International is headquartered outside Chester, in the United Kingdom, in close proximity to Manchester and Liverpool airports.

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Quality Assurance

ISO 9001: 2008

  • We are certified ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems compliant
  • We are audited by CQS Certified Quality Systems Ltd
  • Matcher also assists fertility clinics in attaining and maintaining their ISO accreditations, forming a critical part of their monitoring and quality management systems, and providing evidence of compliance to regulators, internal and external auditors

Service & Support

  • No downtime; you need to rely on a system to work every time, without downtime whilst you wait for support
  • Responsive; we commit to providing the highest levels of service and responsiveness, whatever time of day or week, provided by our expert support engineers
  • No extra cost; we do not charge you extra for good service
  • Our commitment; our service and support is simply the highest standard, every time

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