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Harmony Cryo

Our multi thermal gradient ("MTG") directional freezing system maximises viability and conception rates by minimising sperm damage during freezing, from mechanical damage, osmotic stress and reducing need for toxic cryoprotectants. Our exclusive technology directionally aligns sperm, prevents injury from ice crystal formation, and maximises progressive linear motility.

Our specially designed HollowTubes allow rapid, even rates of freezing and thawing for large volumes up to 8.0ml, whilst the technology can also be configured for conventional 0.25ml straws. Harmony Cryo’s flexibility can be used for semen freezing of all animal species.


Click here to download the Harmony Cryo product sheet.

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Join the Matcher team at the following events to see the latest developments in electronic witnessing:  ISIVF, Turkey 4-8th October; ASRM, San Antonio 30th Oct




Directional freezing resulted in enhanced in vitro quality of spermatozoa derived from liquid-stored semen
J. K. O’Brien & T. R. Robeck, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Reproductive Research Centre, USA