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Large Volumes

Whole ejaculate freezing

  • Ability to freeze in volumes up to 8ml at a time allows whole ejaculate freezing with Harmony CryoCare
  • This is achieved using our custom HollowTubes
  • For many species only one HollowTube needs to be thawed, containing sufficient sperm in order to inseminate
  • Reduced sperm membrane damage and premature capacitation
  • Increased sperm viability and longevity, due to the complete elimination of centrifugation

Easier, more successful insemination

  • Makes thawing and inseminating much simpler and easier for the inseminator
  • Less sperm wastage occurs during insemination with higher volume freezing
  • Temperature fluctuation reduced during the thawing and catheter loading process
  • In some species (e.g. equine) this larger volume of inseminated semen may also stimulate uterine contractions and therefore improve conception rates compared to using lower conventional insemination volumes


  • The Harmony CryoCare system can also be configured for freezing with conventional 0.25ml or 0.50ml volume straws
  • It is easy to switch between different configurations of the system, allowing Harmony CryoCare to be effectively used when freezing different species
  • This provides particular benefits when using Harmony CryoCare for work in conservation and research programmes

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Directional freezing resulted in enhanced in vitro quality of spermatozoa derived from liquid-stored semen
J. K. O’Brien & T. R. Robeck, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Reproductive Research Centre, USA