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The Technology

Directional freezing

  • Directional freezing is a ‘kinder’ process than conventional techniques and so greatly improves success rates in producing viable frozen sperm
  • Ice crystal formation is controlled so that needle-like structures are formed in horizontal columns, allowing the sperm to rest between the columns and avoid damage
  • The unique freezing process of Harmony CryoCare reduces the damage suffered by sperm in conventional freezing processes, ensuring that more sperm remain viable and capable of fertilising eggs, and so ultimately increasing conception rates

Multi thermal gradient

  • Samples are ‘seeded’ (ice crystal formation is initiated) at one end and then passed across several linear temperature gradients
  • Each temperature gradient can be adjusted, along with other parameters, meaning the Harmony CryoCare system offers a highly configurable tool for effective use with a wide range of different samples
  • Cooling rates and ice front propagation can be very precisely controlled, ensuring the optimal freezing curve can be obtained and replicated


  • Our custom made HollowTubes are designed to maximise the rate of heat transfer to and from the sample, by effectively reducing the cross-sectional area of the sample volume
  • The hollow design also ensures an even rate of freezing or thawing through large volume samples, yielding effective and efficient results
  • With Harmony CryoCare therefore the numbers of viable sperm recovered are maximised during both freezing and thawing stages
  • We supply HollowTubes in 2ml, 5ml and 8ml sizes, allowing flexibility for different species being worked with


Numerous studies have analysed the effects of using our multi thermal gradient directional freezing technology to improve results, for a selection of such references please click here.

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Directional freezing resulted in enhanced in vitro quality of spermatozoa derived from liquid-stored semen
J. K. O’Brien & T. R. Robeck, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Reproductive Research Centre, USA