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Unlock Potential

Proven record

  • Harmony CryoCare enables successful freezing of otherwise unviable material
  • This has been demonstrated extensively with species that traditionally do not freeze successfully (e.g. horses, elephant, white rhinoceros, beluga)
  • In addition, Harmony CryoCare has a proven track record with certain individual animals whose semen is ‘hard-to-freeze’
  • Genetic material from valuable animals e.g. prize-winning stallions, can therefore now be successfully frozen for reproduction or preservation for the future

Sensitive material

  • Where semen has been subjected to stress it is often harder to freeze successfully using conventional methods
  • For example sexed semen, where additional processes are applied to the sorted sperm
  • Such sensitive material benefits particularly from Harmony CryoCare’s ‘kinder’ freezing technology
  • Post-thaw sample quality can improve, with samples which would otherwise be unviable reaching viable status, releasing the economic potential of otherwise inaccessible males

Banking possibilities

  • Endangered species can be cryopreserved for future research and breeding programmes
  • Genetic material from valuable individual animals e.g. prize-winning stallions, can now be banked, providing insurance against death or injury
  • Continuous availability of frozen semen avoids complexities of co-ordinating semen shipments and ovulation cycles with fresh samples, avoiding wasted material and reducing time and costs


Numerous studies have analysed the effects of using our multi thermal gradient directional freezing technology to improve results, for a selection of such references please click here.

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Directional freezing resulted in enhanced in vitro quality of spermatozoa derived from liquid-stored semen
J. K. O’Brien & T. R. Robeck, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Reproductive Research Centre, USA