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The IMT team will be attending a number of conferences, meetings and events in 2018, in co..


The Matcher team will be running a series of webinars on different topics and at different times..

IMT Newsletter - Autumn 201731-Oct-2017

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  • Saves time by automatically recording critical information
  • Captures evidence required for inspections without adding to your workload
  • Instant report generation for audits of all data captured
  • Designed to help clinics meet Competent Authority labelling requirements
  • Helps satisfy the traceability demands of legislation e.g. EU Tissues & Cells Directive


  • Assists with process validation and batch tracking (labware, media and consumables)
  • Provides evidence of who, what, where and when for every procedure and process
  • Auditable traceability of movement of biological material, including in cryo stores
  • Simple, instant reportability of all captured data
  • Complements clinics’ GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) methodologies

Quality management

  • Turnkey system for monitoring critical processes and witness steps
  • Reduces risk of mistakes from human error
  • Helps ensure conformance with clinic’s own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Assists clinics in achieving ISO 9001 accreditation

Latest news

Contact the IMT Matcher team or your local distributor to see the latest developments in electronic witnessing.




Matcher is a fully validated, turnkey solution to many of the regulatory challenges we face in IVF today
Sue Avery, Director, Birmingham Women’s HealthCare Trust, UK