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Cost & Implementation


  • No capital cost; our standard pricing approach includes no capital cost at all
  • Ongoing service; we provide Matcher as a service, reflecting the ongoing partnership between our clients and our team
  • Fee per cycle; the only charge is a small fee per patient treatment cycle
  • All inclusive; the cycle fees are all-inclusive, with no hidden extras, covering:
    • All equipment;
    • Installation;
    • Configuration to your clinic’s SOPs;
    • Validation support;
    • Training of all users;
    • Consumables, e.g. ID cards, labels;
    • Service and support; and 
    • Software upgrades as released.


  • Within 2 weeks; typically implementation can be completed within 2 weeks at most from our engineers arriving at your clinic
  • No disruption; our timelines allow for significantly more time than is required, to ensure no disruption to your workflow 
  • No modifications; this is possible because we do not need to make any modifications to your existing equipment, Matcher can be easily placed in any existing cabinet or on any work surface
  • Week 1; involves installing the Matcher equipment, networking IT equipment, linking with your existing database, and testing work
  • Week 2; involves configuring the system to your protocols, training staff, and supporting you in validation processes
  • By the end of the implementation period you will be able to use Matcher for every procedure with every patient and could abandon second human witnessing

Latest news

Contact the IMT Matcher team or your local distributor to see the latest developments in electronic witnessing. 




Electronic witnessing should be an essential component of the safety systems incorporated into every IVF process, and Matcher has been a significant and important technology for
the CARE teams
Simon Fishel, Founder & Managing Director, CARE Fertility Group, UK