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Error Prevention

Confirms/double checks

  • Provides added confidence for staff, essential in a busy clinic
  • Alerts users before a mistake occurs, with audio and visual alarms
  • Added peace of mind for patients, with evidence to provide reassurance
  • Independent 'second pair of eyes' witnesses every procedure

Abandon human verification

  • No second human confirmation required, Matcher reads and verifies identity at every step
  • Reliable, helps clinics to reduce human error from involuntary automaticity (see link at bottom of page)
  • Reduce disruption and distraction, therefore reducing risk of error whilst also increasing productivity
  • Reduce human traffic movements within the lab, and associated risks e.g. accidental spillage

No weak links

  • Every transfer step electronically witnessed
  • Comprehensive system, Matcher is not confined to specific work zones, and includes cryo stores
  • ‘Process Mapping’ forcing function helps ensure all witness steps are carried out, in the correct order
  • Seamless linking of all processes within each cycle, no ‘points of entry’ requiring additional human verification

Photographic proof

  • Every procedure photographed, providing visual witness evidence
  • Photos clearly show label details, e.g. patient name, date of birth and ID number
  • Photos stamped with who, what, where and when
  • Photos intrinsically linked to the procedure performed
  • Reports with photographic history of patient cycle illustrate chain of custody

For an independent overview of the risks associated with involuntary automaticity please click here.

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Latest news

Join the Matcher team at the following events to see the latest developments in electronic witnessing: CFAS, Canada 14-16th Sept; ISIVF, Turkey 4-8th October 



Thanks to Matcher we have improved safety and efficiency in our work   Dott.ssa Monica Antinori, Scientific Coordinator, R.A.P.R.U.I. Day Hospital, Italy