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The Technology

Electronic witnessing

Double check;
  • Matcher alerts users if a dish, tube, vial or straw with the incorrect identity is used, before a transfer of material takes place. It confirms when the correct identity is used, providing confidence to the user to proceed, and an independent 'second pair of eyes' to help reduce mistakes
Replaces human verification;
  • Replaces the need for a second human to perform double checks. Unlike a human, Matcher does not confuse patients with similar names, and using Matcher reduces risks of human involuntary automaticity
No ‘points of entry’;
  • Matcher seamlessly witnesses every procedure, from patient registration through to cryo preservation/transfer. Unlike some other witnessing systems which require multiple ‘points of entry’ where a second human witness is needed
Witnessing, not just recording;
  • Matcher both reads and verifies patient identity before each transfer step. By contrast, some other witnessing systems require some human verification, therefore retaining risks of human error
Reduces disruption;
  • Reduces the need to disrupt and distract staff from their work, it eliminates time wasted waiting for a human witness, and reduces human traffic in the lab
Quick and easy installation;
  • A Matcher digital camera device is conveniently located inside each laminar flow cabinet where transfers take place. The devices are small and retrofitted with no modification required to your existing equipment, and keeping dishes flush on your work surfaces at all times
Outside the lab;
  • Everywhere where transfers occur outside of the laminar flow cabinet can be covered with portable Pocket Matcher camera devices
  • Matcher uses digital photo images to read the barcoded labels, and unlike other systems does not use lasers, radio frequency radiation or supplementary heating, all of which may be potentially harmful to gametes and embryosTop of page

Process mapping

Forcing function;
  • Matcher’s Process Mapping function prescribes your clinic’s process flows, including all decision points and choices. When a patient is selected, Matcher recalls what steps have already been performed, and prompts the user with the next expected step. This helps ensure that witness steps are carried out in the correct order and are not missed out
Configured to clinic;
  • The process steps are configurable to your clinic’s existing Standard Operating Procedures. Matcher does not force you to change how you work, instead it is configured to reflect your existing practices
  • Process maps are constructed to include the choices and alternative paths you would expect during any treatment cycle, e.g. when an IVF process needs to be converted to an ICSI process
  • Process Mapping can be configured to be either advisory or mandatory. Using password control, witness steps can still be selected out of sequence, however any deviation from a prescribed process map will be recorded and is fully auditable Top of page


Cryo proof;
  • Matcher’s proprietary labelling system includes both standard and cryo labels. Cryo labels are tested for safe, long term liquid nitrogen storage. They are self-laminating and therefore scratch-resistant
Integrated information;
  • All Matcher labels are integrated, with both the barcode and human readable information (e.g. name, date of birth etc.) on one single label. This helps minimise the chance of a mis-match between the unique identifier and printed information on any item
  • Labels with all necessary information are available to fit all shapes and sizes of labware, even very small vitrification straws and ICSI dishes
Clear vision;
  • Patient information can be applied to the underside of dishes using Matcher’s clear vision labels which fold underneath dishes, and can be clearly read by users from above without obscuring microscopy
Configurable content;
  • Patient information shown on the labels can be configured to show e.g. patient name, date of birth, ID number, partner details, as well as the barcode. In addition, cryo labels can be individualised to show e.g. the freeze date, batch item number, content of each item, stage of development of contents, and clinic license number
  • Printers for the labels are provided as part of the system, as well as unrestricted numbers of labels
  • All aspects of the labels are tested including the label materials, adhesive, and printer toner. Testing includes mouse embryo assay, toxicity and human gamete and embryo data Top of page

Batch tracking

Configured batch lists;
  • Matcher is configured for your clinic’s lists of labware and media used, and can even be used to track the batches of consumables e.g. disposable gloves, that are used in each procedure
Record start/finish;
  • When each batch of labware, media or consumables is opened the existing barcode on the batch can be read using Pocket Matchers in the same way that it would read Matcher barcoded labels, avoiding the need for additional labelling, paperwork or separate databases
Tracking usage;
  • Matcher tracks the use of each open batch used in each procedure, simultaneously whilst witnessing each procedure performed
Reports and auditing;
  • All data captured can be audited simply in real time, for example reports can be produced showing each patient’s gametes/embryos that a particular batch has come into contact with, or each batch that a patient’s material has come into contact with Top of page

ID cards

Peace of mind;
  • Tangible reassurance for patients, with added confidence that a system is in place to help prevent mistakes in their treatment
Quick and simple;
  • Quick to produce when patients register, usually at the reception desk
No extra cost;
  • ID cards and ID card printers are provided as part of the system at no extra cost, meaning no need to restrict which patients you provide them to
Easily replaced;
  • Clinics may choose to give ID cards to their patients, or to keep them with their medical records, or both. If a patient forgets to bring their ID card, or loses it, a replacement can easily be produced
Configurable content;
  • Only print what you need on the ID card. Clinics may prefer not to include photos, or to add emergency contact details on the back of the card, Matcher offers you many choices and is highly flexible
Unbroken chain;
  • Confirming the correct identity of a patient’s ID card is the only 'point of entry' in the Matcher system. Thereafter every procedure can flow from the ID card barcode with a known identity through to confirming the identity of each item of labware, with no need for additional verification by a second human Top of page

Cryo management

  • Cryo labels have been tested for long term liquid nitrogen storage, and can be read by the Pocket Matcher devices even through nitrogen vapour meaning there is no need to remove items from cryo storage until you have confirmed the correct identity
Configurable label text;
  • The content of the printed information on each cryo label can be individualised at the point just before the labels are printed, for example to identify the freeze date, the item number within a batch, and the number of items contained within the item
Space allocation;
  • Items can be selected and allocated to an available location within cryo vessels, using a virtual recreation of your cryo stores. Rules can be configured to allow for example only one patient’s material, or only one type of material, to be stored in a particular location
Tracked movements;
  • Movements of items into, within, and out of vessels can be tracked. Items can be located through Matcher easily without having to rely on separate filing systems
Historical items;
  • Records of existing stores can be imported into Matcher, and stored items with labels which do not have barcodes can still be photographed by the Pocket Matchers to give visual evidence that the correct item has been selected
Reports and auditing;
  • All data captured can be reported in real time, including reports of location/movements for each item, contents of each vessel, all material stored for a particular patient Top of page

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Thanks to Matcher we have improved safety and efficiency in our work   Dott.ssa Monica Antinori, Scientific Coordinator, R.A.P.R.U.I. Day Hospital, Italy