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The IMT team will be attending a number of conferences, meetings and events in 2017, in co..

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The Matcher team will be running a series of webinars on different topics and at different times..

Time Saving


  • Matcher can replace clinics' reliance on human double checking/ witnessing
  • Increase quality and risk management, and free up staff time
  • Only one staff member required to witness all procedures
  • Reduce staffing costs at weekends, holidays during sickness cover and other overtime

Labelling and traceability

  • Abandon laborious handwriting on labels
  • All labels for each patient printed in seconds
  • Minimise human error from misreading handwriting
  • Accurately locate cryo-stored items and available space in seconds

Compliance and administration

  • Replace manual form-filling and duplication; forms electronically generated including photos
  • Batch numbers tracked in real-time using existing barcodes
  • Eliminate much manual data entry; batch usage automatically tracked
  • Instant reporting and compiling of critical data
  • Automated cryo stores management; input, tracking, output and auditing

Turnkey installation

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Two week typical installation, including all testing and training
  • No modification required to existing systems e.g. laminar flow hoods
  • Short lead times for installation to begin
  • No additional costs – all inclusive in per-cycle fee

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Latest news

Join the Matcher team at the following events to see the latest developments in electronic witnessing: CFAS, Canada 14-16th Sept; ISIVF, Turkey 4-8th October 



Thanks to Matcher we have improved safety and efficiency in our work   Dott.ssa Monica Antinori, Scientific Coordinator, R.A.P.R.U.I. Day Hospital, Italy