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IMT Newsletter - Autumn 201731-Oct-2017

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Time Saving


  • Matcher can replace clinics' reliance on human double checking/ witnessing
  • Increase quality and risk management, and free up staff time
  • Only one staff member required to witness all procedures
  • Reduce staffing costs at weekends, holidays during sickness cover and other overtime

Labelling and traceability

  • Abandon laborious handwriting on labels
  • All labels for each patient printed in seconds
  • Minimise human error from misreading handwriting
  • Accurately locate cryo-stored items and available space in seconds

Compliance and administration

  • Replace manual form-filling and duplication; forms electronically generated including photos
  • Batch numbers tracked in real-time using existing barcodes
  • Eliminate much manual data entry; batch usage automatically tracked
  • Instant reporting and compiling of critical data
  • Automated cryo stores management; input, tracking, output and auditing

Turnkey installation

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Two week typical installation, including all testing and training
  • No modification required to existing systems e.g. laminar flow hoods
  • Short lead times for installation to begin
  • No additional costs – all inclusive in per-cycle fee

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Latest news

Contact the IMT Matcher team or your local distributor to see the latest developments in electronic witnessing. 



Thanks to Matcher we have improved safety and efficiency in our work   Dott.ssa Monica Antinori, Scientific Coordinator, R.A.P.R.U.I. Day Hospital, Italy