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Faster Cooling

Ultra rapid cooling rate

  • VitMaster’s cooling rate is 130,000°C/minute
  • This compares with rates of 2,500°C/minute using traditional liquid nitrogen plunging
  • The probability of cells vitrifying successfully is increased by the ultra-rapid cooling rate

Reduced injury

  • VitMaster avoids the risk of damaging ice crystals forming
  • Cells spend significantly less time passing through the dangerous temperature zone
  • Less chilling injury occurs to the vitrified cells as a result

Maximised viability

  • Lipid phase transition is also avoided, allowing sensitive oocytes at all stages of development to be successfully cryopreserved
  • Enhanced viability yields increased pregnancy rates
  • Vitrification can be achieved with larger volumes than with traditional plunging

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Join the Matcher team at the following events to see the latest developments in electronic witnessing:  ISIVF, Turkey 4-8th October; ASRM, San Antonio 30th Oct 




Straws, even in sealed form, can be cooled safely with an increased cooling rate
Amir Arav, Institute of Animal Science, Agricultural Research Organisation, Volcani Centre, Israel