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The Technology

Insulated samples

  • Under conventional vitrification, when a sample is plunged into the liquid nitrogen the nitrogen boils
  • As the nitrogen boils, a gas pocket forms around the sample, which acts to insulate the sample
  • This insulating gas pocket slows down heat transfer and results in a slower cooling rate for the sample


  • VitMaster reduces the temperature of liquid nitrogen to below its boiling point
  • At these ultra-low temperatures the nitrogen forms a semi-solid “slush”
  • This prevents formation of the gas pocket around samples when they are plunged
  • Cooling rates are therefore significantly increased

VitMaster device

The VitMaster is very simple to use, and easily portable


Numerous publications have analysed the effects of using VitMaster to improve vitrification results, for a selection of such references please click here.

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Straws, even in sealed form, can be cooled safely with an increased cooling rate
Amir Arav, Institute of Animal Science, Agricultural Research Organisation, Volcani Centre, Israel