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Conferences and Meetings22-Aug-2017

The IMT team will be attending a number of conferences, meetings and events in 2017, in co..

IMT Newsletter - Summer 201729-Jun-2017

Download the latest IMT newsletter here. (/Distributors/2017 Summer newsletter.pdf) ..


The Matcher team will be running a series of webinars on different topics and at different times..

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About Us

IMT International provides IVF management technologies and quality management systems to fertility clinics, donor banks and other Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) centres. Our innovative turnkey systems have been developed alongside leading centres in the field, and the benefits they provide are enjoyed by customers around the world.

IMT has developed a number of leading turnkey systems which today are used and relied on by customers every day, including Matcher, VitMaster and Harmony CryoCare.

The company was founded by Tim Heywood, a life-long pioneer of technologies, including leading development of the world’s first successful commercial sexed semen centre, in the field of bovine reproduction. Today the business is managed in its second generation by George Heywood, and our core values remain the same; quality, continual development, customer service and long term partnerships.

IMT International is headquartered outside Chester, in the United Kingdom, in close proximity to Manchester and Liverpool airports.

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Join the Matcher team at the following events to see the latest developments in electronic witnessing: ISIVF, Turkey 4-8th October; ASRM, San Antonio 30th Oct 


IMT help us to deliver quality every day, providing customised solutions and excellent
Dr Frederick Gagsteiger, Consultant Gynaecologist, IVF Zentrum Ulm and Fertility Centre Stuttgart, Germany