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Dr Gerard Celia
Lab Director, Dominion Fertility, Arlington VA, USA

"As our clinic has grown we have truly come to appreciate the security and time savings offered by the Matcher system."



Dr Frederick Gagsteiger
Consultant Gynaecologist, IVF Zentrum Ulm and Fertility Centre Stuttgart, Germany

“Cost effective and convenient, especially during weekend working when fewer staff are available”



“Electronic witnessing should be an essential component of the safety systems incorporated into every IVF process, and Matcher has been a significant and important technology for the CARE teams”
Dr Simon Fishel
Founder & Managing Director, CARE Fertility Group, UK

“The response from our patients has been entirely positive, the system enhances confidence in our clinics”
Alison Campbell
Director of Embryology, CARE Fertility Group, UK
“Matcher is a fully validated, turnkey solution to many of the regulatory challenges we face in IVF today”
Dr Sue Avery
Director, Birmingham Women's HealthCare Trust, UK

“The Matcher system gives me much assurance that proper embryo, sperm, egg and blood handling always occurs.  I hope that it gives you the same assurance too!”
Dr Michael DiMattina M.D.
Founder, Dominion Fertility, Arlington VA, USA
“In a busy clinic like Leeds, Matcher frees up time and provides bags of confidence”
Karen Thompson
Consultant Embryologist, Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine, UK 

“Thanks to Matcher we feel strongly that we have improved safety and efficiency in our work.  All feedback we have received from patients and colleagues has been extremely positive.  Now we know exactly who has performed work, and when and how, with no doubts at all.  Implementation was easy, and we have learned to use it in a very short time.  IMT staff are extremely collaborative, kind and helpful”
Dott.ssa Monica Antinori
Scientific Coordinator, R.A.P.R.U.I. Day Hospital, Italy

“We have a strong focus on quality management in all our work, and this philosophy is reinforced by the Matcher.  We have embedded the Matcher system in our laboratory routine work.  The system ensures traceability, identification and photographic records of all the laboratory procedures.  We can now give our patients full traceability for every process step with Matcher's innovative electronic monitoring system.  The system is very flexible so we could customise it for all our worksteps without changing our processes.”
Alexia Chatziparasidou, MSc
Director & Clinical Embryologist, Embryolab, Greece

“Matcher was quick and easy to install, and totally customisable”
Laura Dracea, M.D., Ph.D. 
Medical Director, Gynera Fertility Center, Romania

“The Matcher system provides us with extra confidence throughout the day and is a great way of capturing and permanently recording important information”
Dipl. Biol. Alexandra Ochsner
Senior Clinical Embryologist, Centrum für gynäkologische Endokrinologie und Reproduktionsmedizin Freiburg (CERF), Germany

“We believe the Matcher system offers very good value for money”
Mr Michael Cullen
CEO and Co-Founder of Beacon Medical Group, Ireland

“The Matcher system has brought us many advantages.  From a ‘financial and staffing’ view point, it is both cost effective and convenient, and laboratory staff are no longer required to interrupt their task”
Su Barlow CS M.Med.Sci BSc (Hons) DipRCPath
Laboratory Director, Midland Fertility Services, UK

“If you only buy one thing this year, buy into Matcher”
Aonghus Nolan
Scientific Director/Embryologist, Galway Fertility Unit, Ireland

“Straws, even in sealed form, can be cooled safely with an increased cooling rate” 
Dr Amir Arav, 
Institute of Animal Science, Agricultural Research Organisation, Volcani Centre, Israel

“Directional freezing resulted in enhanced in vitro quality of spermatozoa derived from liquid-stored semen”
J. K. O’Brien & T. R. Robeck
SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Reproductive Research Centre, USA                

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Dr Frederick Gagsteiger, Consultant Gynaecologist, IVF Zentrum Ulm and Fertility Centre Stuttgart, Germany