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Human Factors

Human Factors in IVF 2-Day training Course

Date to be confirmed

£499 Early Bird

 Why attend?

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the human causes of error
  • Develop the ability to take a proactive approach to the avoidance, trapping and mitigating of errors.
  • Equip yourself and your team with a set of non-technical skills that complement technical competency.
  • Improve teamwork, situation awareness, decision making, communication and workload management.
  • Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand why we make errors
  • Understand how ‘systems factors’ can threaten patient safety
  • Improve the safety culture of your teams and organisations
  • Enhance your teamwork and improve communication
  • Improve the design of your systems
  • Learn how to identify ‘what went wrong’ and predict ‘what could go wrong’
  • Understand how human factors tools can be used to reduce the likelihood of incidents
  • Who should attend?

    Lab Directors, Clinic Owners, Quality/Risk Managers, Senior Embryologists and Clinical Staff

    How much does it cost?

    £499 Early Bird including all training, materials, refreshments during the day and Conference Dinner on day 1

    Who’s running the course?

    The course is being run by IMT International in conjunction with Global Air Training:

    IMT International provide innovative IVF management technologies and quality management systems to the ART industry worldwide.

    Global Air Training are a leading, globally recognised aviation training and consultancy company delivering Human Factors programmes in Healthcare and other safety critical industries which improve safety through enhanced team collaboration, incident reporting and risk management.

    In association with:

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    What are Human Factors?

    Human Factors training derives from the recognition within safety critical industries, originating in the aviation industry, that team members require specific training in non-technical skills as well as technical skills in order to mitigate error and limit the possibility of an adverse event.

    In the same way, staff working in IVF, whatever their role, need to recognise that human error is inevitable and that clinic-wide performance can be enhanced through an understanding of the effects of teamwork, tasks, equipment, workspace, culture and organisation on human behaviour in healthcare settings.

    A human factors approach to patient safety differs from traditional safety training in that the focus is less with the technical knowledge and skills required to perform specific tasks, but rather with the cognitive and interpersonal skills needed to effectively manage a team-based, high-risk activity.


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