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IMT Matcher

Protecting patients, clinics and banks from
the risks of error in IVF with Matcher’s
complete electronic witnessing,
traceability and labelling system.

Why do I need Matcher IVF electronic witnessing?

Matcher is a barcode-based electronic witnessing, labelling, workflow scheduling and traceability system, specifically created for IVF clinics and donor banks to help prevent errors through misidentification of patients and their gametes and embryos.

Despite using verbal checks to ensure patient safety, healthcare staff can make mistakes and the Matcher system gives both staff and patients the peace of mind that there is an electronic system in place to mitigate the risk of human error, and assist with the burden of traceability and compliance.

Matcher provides complete electronic traceability, recording the ‘who, what, where and when’ at every step, including photographs of all procedures taking place during a cycle of treatment and with the new visual patient workflow scheduler, clinics have a real-time ‘traffic light’ overview of daily cycle tasks and patient cycle status.

Clinics using the Matcher system work with confidence knowing they have protected their staff and patients from the risk of mistakes, that the technology is safe and that they have a system in place that helps streamline their working practices, saving time and money.


  • Error prevention – alerts to mistake before an incorrect transfer of material takes place.
  • Replaces all human double-checking – no second human confirmation required reducing staff hours and disruption.
  • Automatic traceability – matches, confirms and photographs the identity of the patient and unique item identifier on all labware, in every procedure.
  • Real-time workflow overview – gives instant ‘traffic light’ view of daily cycle tasks and patient cycle status.
  • Compliance – assists clinics to comply with competent authority requirements; validation and risk assessment support included; fits closely with clinics’ quality management accreditations.
  • Time saving – saves staff hours spent on witnessing, traceability and compliance.
  • Unbroken chain of custody – no gaps in the witnessing chain from registration through to cryo stores – no additional human verification required.
  • Photographic proof – every procedure is photographed, providing clear visual evidence of patient label details.
  • Safe technology – digital photo images are used to read the barcoded labels with no use of lasers, radio frequency or supplementary heating.
  • No capital cost – fees are ‘per cycle’ only with no capital costs and include equipment, installation, training, service, support, consumables and upgrades.
  • Flexible positioning – the new mini barcode readers can be positioned in any location, including under the microscope and in small cabinets / isolettes.
  • Simple installation – quick and easy to install – one week typical installation, including all testing and training.

Matcher technology in the clinic

The Matcher system uses Pocket Matcher devices and Benchtop Matcher devices, together with ID card and label printers and bespoke labels. Matcher uses digital photo images to read the barcoded labels. The Matcher software interprets the images and links to the records in the Matcher database.

Matcher integrates with all patient management systems (e.g. IDEAS, MediTEX, MediFirst, iIVF, Genie, BabySentry, HiX) and is highly configurable to each clinic’s existing Standard Operating Procedures.

Where does Matcher fit in my clinic?


Photo ID card security


Witnessing with a Pocket Matcher


Real-time workflow overview


Integrated labelling system


Witnessing with a mini Benchtop Matcher


Cryo management


Labelling and witnessing to individual embryo level




Lot Tracking

Matcher is more than just witnessing – it comprises a central database and 8 key pieces:

Photo ID card security

ID card for every patient and partner, giving tangible barcode security, helping to prevent mistakes and providing peace of mind for patients.

  • Quick and simple to produce at reception
  • No extra cost
  • Configurable content
  • First and only ‘point of entry’ into the Matcher system


Labels for everything, incorporating unique barcode identifiers to individual embryo level and human-readable information.

  • Fits all sizes of labware, even vitrification straws and PCR tubes
  • Clear vision labels fold underneath to be read without obscuring microscopy
  • Cryo labels are fully tested for long term liquid nitrogen storage
  • Configurable content
  • Fully tested labels including mouse embryo assay and over 10 yrs of human gamete and embryo use
  • Unique barcodes – every barcode on every item is unique enabling tracking down to item (e.g. embryo) level
  • Labelling component can be purchased separately as well as being included in the full Matcher system

Workflow scheduling

Real-time overview  of workflow scheduling gives instant traffic light view of daily cycle tasks and patient cycle status..

  • Progress bars showing % of tasks pending/completed
  • One click drill down into specific day
  • ‘Traffic light’ coding for task status
  • Expanding view of patient details
  • Clinic decides on layout and content

Electronic witnessing

Error prevention system matches and photographs barcodes on all labware, recording the ‘who, what, where and when’ for every procedure.

  • Double checks and alerts user if there is an identity issue with any dish, tube, vial or straw before the transfer of material takes place
  • Mitigates human error by reducing the risk of misreading similar names or ID numbers
  • No ‘points of entry’ as Matcher seamlessly witnesses every procedure with no human witness needed
  • Witnessing, not just recording as Matcher both reads and verifies patient identity before each transfer step
  • Individual unique item barcodes enables witnessing and tracking of individual embryo biopsies and individual cryo-preserved items
  • Increasing staff efficiency as there is no disruption or distraction during the witnessing step and weekends and holidays need fewer staff
  • Full clinic coverage with the Pocket Matcher for use either in the lab or in the rest of the clinic and the Benchtop Matcher for easy witnessing within laminar flow hoods.

Process mapping

The process maps within Matcher reflect the clinic’s Standard Operating Procedures and these are configured during installation.

  • Include decision points and choice prompts
  • Flexible to incorporate alternative paths
  • Can be configured to be advisory or mandatory
  • Deviations are recorded and can be audited quickly and easily

Lot tracking

This gives a clinic a complete paperless traceability / audit trail of all labware, media and consumables coming into contact with gametes or embryos.

  • Uses manufacturer’s own product barcodes
  • Configured for the clinic’s list of products
  • Configurable alerts before lots expire
  • Photographs and automatically records when each lot is opened
  • Tracks the use of every back in each procedure automatically
  • All data captured can be audited simply in real time
  • Designed for compliance with competent authority traceability requirements

Cryo management

Ability to label and witness even the smallest straws, PGT tubes, as well as management, reporting and auditing of cryo stores and vessel space.

  • Cryo labels fully tested for long term liquid nitrogen storage
  • Labels can be read by Pocket Matchers through the nitrogen vapour even on small vitrification straws
  • Label content can be individualised
  • Available cryo space can be found and items allocated to locations within cryo vessels
  • Movements in and out of vessels can be traced and items easily located
  • All data captured can be reported easily, in real time.


Simple, instant reporting of all data captured for auditing and compliance, including complete photographic history of the patient’s cycle.

  • Complete paperless audit trail
  • Produce real-time reports in seconds
  • Comprehensive reporting suite based on experience with numerous IVF clincis

Training, Service and Support

  • Matcher provides comprehensive training for customers – self-training, e-learning, webinars and on-site, depending on a clinic’s requirements
  • Matcher commits to providing the highest levels of service and responsiveness, whatever time of day or week
  • No extra charge for service and support


We know that there are always additional questions and we have tried to answer many of them in these Frequently Asked Questions, but please contact us if your question hasn’t been answered.