Matcher FAQs

How much will Matcher cost us?

There is no capital cost for the Matcher system.

There is just a small fee for each patient treatment cycle (100% for an IVF/ICSI including cryopreservation at the end of a cycle, 50% for other cycles e.g. IUI, DI, Donor Freeze, FET/thawing cycles). This fee includes all consumables, service, support, and even software upgrades. There is no charge for the equipment, installation, configuration of the Matcher system to your clinic’s protocols, or for the comprehensive training we provide. The higher the number of cycles performed at a clinic site then the lower the fee per cycle.

What equipment will we need?

We supply all the equipment you will need to cover all areas where you perform transfers of material.

Typically each of your workstations (e.g. laminar flow cabinets) where you perform witness steps would have a Matcher device (provided by us), connected to a tablet (or we can use your existing PCs and monitors, and provide any extra items needed). We also supply handheld Pocket Matcher devices to cover all other areas e.g. cryo stores, operating theatre, treatment rooms. Labels can be printed on your existing standard printer (subject to testing) otherwise we can supply an additional printer.

Can we use Matcher outside of our laboratory?

Your entire clinic can be covered by Matcher, including in your cryo stores, operating theatre and treatment rooms.

Matcher is a seamless system covering every procedure you perform, anywhere in the clinic. This is critical to minimise the number of points where human error can enter the process.


Can Matcher identify our items stored under liquid nitrogen?

Matcher’s cryo labels have been validated for long term liquid nitrogen storage, unlike RFID tags which do not work at low temperatures.

Items in cryo stores can be located using Matcher’s cryo management function, then the barcode labels can be read through nitrogen vapour. Therefore there is no need to remove items from your cryo vessel until its identity is verified by Matcher.

Are the labels safe?

Yes. All labels are mouse embryo assayed, endotoxin tested, and much human embryo work has been done that demonstrates the materials, adhesive and printer toner used on labels is safe.

Cryo-labels are also validated to test they will not fall off even after long term storage in liquid nitrogen. Cryo-labels are also self-laminating so that information cannot rub off. Matcher labels have been used in clinics since 2006.

Can Matcher be configured to our existing Standard Operating Procedures?

Yes, the system is adapted to your clinic’s own SOPs and witnessing steps, using your specific terminology and nomenclature.

This also extends to Process Mapping, Matcher’s in-built forcing function, for ordering all witness steps into your prescribed sequence, and defining your clinic’s own lists of labware, media and consumables for use in batch tracking.

Can Matcher be linked to our existing clinic management system?

The Matcher database can be linked with any other database in order to share information.

This typically includes at least the patients’ name, date of birth and ID number, and the same details for their partner. This avoids duplication of information, removing risk from transcription errors and saving you time. This can also include information automatically captured by Matcher e.g. batch data, and data on cryo-preserved material. We can use several methods to link, including HL7 (Health Level 7) and ODBC protocols, which our engineers manage with your IT department/database provider.